Looking for a SLS/SLM/3D Printing Solution? Please check out RepliSLS3D instead!



Beside many other useful functions RepliMark offers the following basic key features:


support for all relevant laser scanner controllers and for several XY(Z) plotter/stage controllers)


Support for several 1D and 2D barcodes including DataMatrix, UPC/EAN/GTIN, QR, Aztec, MaxiCode, several EHIBCC-types and others more; barcode parameters like size, error correction level, token expansion, inversion, quiet zone and others more can be changed freely


Support for TrueType™ and special high-speed laser style fonts, several text effects


Filling of polygons with an unlimited, freely configurable and combineable number of hatch patterns with support for beam compensation according to currently used laser properties and several speed- and quality-oriented hatch-styles


Import of all common raster image file formats such as GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF with in-application editing of R/G/B components as well as contrast, brightness and gamma as well as support for real grayscale images, dithered black and white images, hard shadow black and white images;
Import pictures as lighttable background image to use it as template and for drawing vector marking data on top of it


Serial Numbers, Date/Time, Best-Before-Dates which can be freely formatted and configured also for complex serial number rules


Support for rectangular (cuboidal) and circular (cylindrical) editing areas


Grouping of elements into a split group to process working pieces larger than the available working area; geometries can be splitted one-dimensional (X or Y direction or rotational mode) or two-dimensional (for use with e.g. XY-table)


Projection of geometry to 3D ground shapes: 3D mesh can be used as ground object, next geometries can be projected onto this 3D ground shape


Multihead Support: Up to nine overlapping or separated working areas are supported, different scanner controllers can be mixed as well as different laser types and scanheads


Immersive Projection View: Display the current project directly into the working area using a video projector to get a perfect view with enhanced adjustment possibilites of the current marking data during machine set-up and production


Integrated vision and recognition system with live background image offers camera calibration for image distortion, fiducial teaching and recognition as well as geometry-correction based on fiducials


Smart Interface for Industry 4.0/Smart Factory applications


support for MQTT notification protocol for IIoT integration and Smart Factory support


Comfortable editing of 3D vector data in views from top, front and side where all editing functions are available without limitations in these views


Pen Parameter Wizard allows easy incremental evaluation of suitable pen parameters: up to 100 different parameter sets can be checked on one go, no more time-consuming experiments are necessary to find best values


Extended user- and privilege-management to define different roles and access-privileges for different log-ins